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Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Stories
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69 INCHES OF STEEL - Rebecca Steinbeck Repetitive, shallow, uninteresting characters, I'd like the time spent reading this back please
The Hunter (M&M of Restraint, #10) - Erica Chilson It took me a while to get into the Hunter, I past and present sex scenes without a whole lot of plot. Cort has a sensitive side, who knew?! I still don't feel like we got to know him as well as the others.
I can't wait to read Ezra and Grants books now, but I'm confused a bit. I just went back and read restraint and unleashed, having more background, Marcus never acted on his 'true nature'. Also confused reading Ezra's bit at the end of king again, when talking to Syn he calls Ava his firstborn? Am I over thinking it here?
Blood Ties - J.D. Nixon Really enjoying JD Nixon's style! Can't believe how much damage her MCs can take though

Heller's Punishment (Heller, #4)

Heller's Punishment (Heller, #4) - J.D. Nixon I can see this series as a tv show, so much happens in each book it really is like episodes. So glad to see Bick again!
Heller - J.D. Nixon I imagine this is what would happen if Stephanie Plum went to work for Ranger full time... But with less explosions. Very amusing

Beauty Awakened

Beauty Awakened - Gena Showalter I'm giving Gena one more chance.. I've read 3 of her new books this last few weeks and they're all preachy/prudier than her previous work. Not impressed, she's letting her characters down, they deserve what the other LotU/aliens/angels got

Submission with a Stranger (A Curvy Girl Erotic Adventure)

Submission with a Stranger (A Curvy Girl Erotic Adventure) - Lucy St. Vincent This was a well written, raunchy little tale of a fantasy of sex in public, with a stranger comes true.
King (Mistress & Master of Restraint, #8) - Erica Chilson How did I miss this release?!
Dinner for Two, Handcuffs for One - Alex Lamb Funny, fast, and sexy read! I want to read more, but I also want to read the books he's going to write
Murder on Black Friday - P.B. Ryan Ahhhh!! Quick, hand me the next one!
Ever After - Kim Harrison I am so annoyed at you Ms Harrison!!!!

Good Girl (Playroom, #1)

Good Girl (Playroom, #1) - Erica Chilson Not sure about this one, I enjoyed Willow's journey and growth, though the 'surprise' was entirely too predictable
The Girl - Lola St.Vil This is why I don't read YA asa rule. Yet another stupid, selfish girl (loner who reads the classics of course) who lets her obsession with a boy (who is hundreds of years old yet still thinks/acts like a child) ruin everything
Shakespeare's Counselor - Charlaine Harris This is the last book, other reviews say it wraps the series up nicely, I disagree.
Born To Darkness - Suzanne Brockmann Not what I was expecting but awesome nonetheless
Vampire, Interrupted  - Lynsay Sands Finally!! I had to wait for this from the library and had read the next 5 or so in the series so it was good to finally understand the 'WTF? How did that happen?' parts of the other books