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Bullet - Laurell K. Hamilton This is a review of the whole series, because I can't remember all the books individually, especially the last, say 12, as they became a mass of twisted sweaty and occasionally furry limbs.

This series starts out strong, Anita Blake is a tough talking ass-kicking necromancer. She raises zombies for a living, mostly to settle wills, and give evidence in trails etc. Cool idea, really. She's magic, she's talented, so talented and magic, of course she's the best but hasn't realised it yet, as is typical to PNR.

She's also tough. How tough? UBERtough! She's a tiny little thing, but as a state licenced vampire executioner she uses her tininess to bring down big strong fast vamps. She's also a crack shot.
The first few books in the series centre around her zombie raising which is great. There's a 'Master of the City' vamp, Jean Claude for us to drool over who is of course infatuated with the disinterested Anita, who has a thing for werewolf Richard. This is all good. There is no sex, just great tension that has you wishing she'd make up her mind, get over her sexual hangups and jump one of them.

Then she does.

From there it all goes to hell.

I've read this whole series and I'm still waiting for a decent storyline to come back. Now I love a good sex scene as much as the next girl, but there needs to be more than 2 pages in between.

By being with Jean Claude Anita acquires a form of his 'ardeur' that must be fed several times a day, by different men or they get too drained, and not by Jean Claude because he has his own to feed. Okay fine, so get a couple of guys and make happy a few times a day. Before breakfast, lunch time, maybe before dinner and at bed time. I could handle that. But NO! Anita has so many sexual hangups she can't accept these changes and instead ignores it until it she becomes so ravenous (is that the word I want here?) she practically rapes 3-4 guys to get the required energy fix. She's like an unmanaged diabetic. And who really stops in the middle of sex to have a theological discussion? (Meredith Gentry & her merry men excluded)

She's also a leach. Look out men of power, be you a master vamp, alpha werewolf, leopard, lion or tiger once Anita Blake has her nasty little hooks in you she'll bleed your powers dry. Or just copy & multiply your power so she is UBERwere-succubus necromancer legend who can't change forms, because again she can't make a decision or accept any change to save her life.

Please Laurell, you're killing me here! bring back decent plots of evil zombie-raising voodoo priests and serial killing zombies!